Keep Your Eyes On Your Goal

When you try to achieve something great in life, you always need to keep your eyes on your goal, working with the end in mind. Most people focus on the path and pursue only that, which is one of the things that make them stumble. Everything in life starts with an objective. So identify that first.Do you know what your end goal is? How do you become yourself instead of just trying to mimic or be someone else? What is your path and what is your destination?At the end of the day, a path is just an option; and yes, it is one of the ways forward. It is the thing that you are doing right now and focusing on today. But tomorrow is another day. Yet, so many of you build your happiness by the road you are on. Somehow, you think and believe that it is the most important.But you have to be really careful. In the end, you need to keep your eyes on your goal because it is the thing that you are trying to achieve. Your end goal is what you are trying to get. The path is somewhat irrelevant, as it is really your best guess. It is the thing that you think is going to work.”Don’t confuse the finger with the moon that it is pointing at.” – Zen proverbChase the Moon, Not the FingerHowever, if you only focus on the finger and believe it is your end goal, you will fail to see your purpose. If you think that the finger actually is the moon, then you miss the objective you are fighting for. And so, you are not going to have the energy to keep pushing when things get really hard. The reason being is that you are going to mistake the way of getting there with the destination itself.A lot of times, I think that most people and students alike throw hate or confusion about having their destination. They do not know what they want to build, possess no goal, nor have some grand thing they want to chase and achieve. And that is a big problem.And the reason is because with time, people change. You have no control over them or even their emotions. In the end of the day, the only thing you can control is yourself. So the only thing you can hope for is going after something that has meaning for you. And when you keep your eyes on the prize, you can do that.

Discover Your GoalTherefore, it must be a purpose that gives you a reason which directs your actions and becomes the filter by which you judge everything. And it needs to become the gravitational center of your own universe, and not someone else’s.”Many are stubborn in the pursuit of the path they have chosen, few in pursuit of the goal.” – Friedrich NietzscheAnd success happens when you keep your eyes on the goal, not the path. So, you have to identify what you really want in life, your dream, your objective, your purpose and then work your way backward. Do not allow yourself to get caught up in other people’s choices or putting your happiness in someone else’s hands.Instead, you have to find your reason for living, focus on it and it will give you the power to overcome your fears. It has to be something you are trying to accomplish and want to become. Discover your goal, and once you are on the path to be who you desire, then you can find real happiness.The Two Choices in LifeYou have two choices in life, not one. The first is to become somebody else and the other is to become you. Most people choose to be another person because it is a roadmap that points in a direction already made and traveled. You respond to something or someone, admire them, want to be like them, and in that process, you make the decision to be like them.Therefore, when making such choice, you decide to be another person and in doing so, you mistake the finger for the moon. Instead, you need to understand that being inspired by someone does not mean to become that person. So, it is better to find what inspires you, its essence, learn how you can apply it to your life, and then focus on you and your end goal.”A flower does not think about competing with the flower next to it; it just blooms.” – Zen ShinSo, you have to see the outside world, the flower next to you, what is around you, and understand what people do, to be what you want. Then use all of it to make yourself unique, alive and whole while you keep your eyes on your goal.Define Yourself by Your Own GoalBe yourself and do not try to be someone else because it will confuse you. People give up because they are not finding their path. They are not defining things based on what excites them and what they want to live for, and do not have the courage to be real. So they just try to imitate someone by looking at their outside world.”If you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, then it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” – Albert EinsteinOn the other hand, you have people who are doing things that are so extraordinary by simply being themselves. They reach their goal no matter the odds. Therefore, to be like that, you have to understand the difference between being inspired by someone and actually try to be them. And keep your eyes on the prize at all time.So, if something or somebody inspires you, whatever it is, do not try to embody their eccentricities and peculiarities. It is the surest way to become the fish that think it is stupid because it is being judged by trying to climb a tree. Instead, learn to be a champion in life.Decide Who You Want to BeWhen you understand that you are capable of much more than you think. And that your brain actually builds faster and better connections between the things you think and reality; you begin to realize that it is extremely important to care about your every thought.But it is also important to consider your dreams seriously, pick a direction that you want to grow into, to decide who you want to be. And then keep your eyes on your goal, making it the center of your focus, your thoughts, your time, your energy. So, if you look inward or outward, and you do not like what you see, make changes.

“If you do not like how things are, move, change it, you are not a tree.” – Jim RohnAnd that is the beautiful thing about being a human being. You are so plastic that you can change dramatically and mold yourself into what you want. The human race is so good at adapting that you and I literally forget that it is what we do throughout the course of our life.Keep Your Eyes on Your GoalSo, you have to take control of that process, grab a hold of it and make it your own. When you can turn what you want, your goal, into your daily obsession, you make the most of your potential. You need to pick a very specific direction and an end goal, and always keep your eyes on it.Then you must work your way backward, figuring out the steps you are going to need to execute. Furthermore, it is necessary to have the willingness to put in the work, by being the sculptor and the clay. And understand that the pain that comes with changing and making yourself into something great is a suffering well worth it.It is a pain that you have to embrace and desire because, with it, you can become anything you want. So start to dwell on that, while having a vision of you being great, accomplishing your goal or goals, and in having done this amazing thing.Dwell on Achieving Your GoalDo not chase somebody else’s path, or you will never find the thing that is real about you. As long as it is true to you, the lessons you are going to learn will apply to get a step closer to the person you want to be. Look inward. Identify what excites you.Dwell on an image of you being willing to sweat, bend yourself in half, break if you need to, and even bleed if necessary to be the vision of what you always wanted to become. Go after it as if your life depends on it because, in truth, it does. So, keep your eyes on your goal and nothing can ever stop you!

Hard Work Is The Key To Success

Most people often do not know that hard work is the key to success. They come to believe that luck strikes down on a person and creates an overnight sensation. Furthermore, they have no idea on how much effort it takes to be successful until they try on their own. But, how hard must we work?

Let me start by asking you how much are you willing to sacrifice? Do you understand what hard work means? And how long do you have to grind before you can reach some success?

No one comes across success by just hoping for it. The key to success is to have the right mindset, the body to overcome constant struggles and work harder than anyone to reach your full potential. You also need the self-discipline and the capacity to put your goals before your own needs, and that is hard for most people.

Yes, some individuals have talent, but one should never sit on a sofa and expect a great result. If you have skills, it does not mean you can just show up and be the star. Hard work always beats talent when talent fails to give enough efforts. When you want to succeed, hard work is more important than talent as talent will only carry you so far.

“Hard work does not necessarily guarantee success, but no success is possible without hard work.” – Dr. T.P.Chia

Hard Work Beats Talent
If you have the desire or idea to become a successful person, it is a great thing that you have decided to do. But are you ready for it?

Success takes a lot of willpower to accomplish. As you maybe know, most people who do try give up, mostly, after only failing once or twice. Becoming successful or being an entrepreneur is not going to be easy, it is going to be hard as hell. It will take you on a very long journey, but this is your life, and you are the creator of this one life.

But again, the one who is hungrier to reach the top will always get there before the talented guy. Maybe not immediately, but in the end, the hungry still succeeds because eventually hard work, heart, courage, and persistence wins.

The one who is more dedicated to reaching the top will thrive. Think about it for a second. How can you get to someone who will do whatever it takes? You can’t. Hard work always beats talent. Often, talent can make you think you do not need to work hard as the other person. That is a big mistake because somebody is always hungrier than you and your skills drive him to push harder.

From Hard Work to Success
And yes, if you desire success, no one is going to tell you when to wake up, go to bed, read this book or work on your business, only you can. And that is why I believe it to be the toughest job out there. You call the shots, put in the hard work and make your moves, whether they are right or wrong.

You might even ask yourself “But what about the rewards?” They will come with time, through much persistence and dedication over all the obstacles and failures you will encounter. Most people, friends, and relatives will never see or believe in what you are doing, but remember: it is your life.

So, I have one question for you: Are you ready to put in the hard work and sacrifice it all?

If I ask, it is because people see only the tip of the iceberg, not knowing what is under the surface such as the sacrifices, disappointments, endless hours, persistence, consistency, late nights, and early mornings. As well as the loss of friends, the fact of being misunderstood, feeling overwhelmed, then questioning your sanity, and finding out that you are your own cheerleader. Talent is not enough!

Success is to Go ‘All in’
By wanting to be a successful person, many aspects of your life do and will change forever. Below here are most sacrifices one makes, through hard work to achieve success. It is also what any true entrepreneur does to be successful and what you should be ready for.

  • Visualize, plan, work hard while others rest or party.
  • Believe in yourself when no one else does and go for your dreams by being ‘all in.’
  • Be ready to sacrifice all of your weekends and work day in and day out for 15-16 hours.
  • Be persistent, dedicated and self-disciplined.
  • Nearly go broke, more than once.
  • Get outside the box by going beyond your comfort zone.
  • Work endless hours.
  • Act in spite of fear.
  • Be consistent at all time, even when you do not feel like it.
  • Risk it all for a dream that nobody understands but you.
  • Embrace the unknown.
  • Deal with failure and keep going, doing the hard work no matter what.
  • Lose the ego to get back up again.
  • Have a passion and unbreakable vision to reach success.
  • Read and learn every day.
  • Never stop educating yourself via courses, seminars, and mentors.
  • Learn and focus on mastering your craft.

Hard Work is a Winning Mentality
You may be so scared of failing that you literally won’t sleep in the early stages of making your idea into a reality. But success is to be willing to do a lot of hard work. While your head is filled with wealth, freedom and travels, the truth of the matter is that you work even harder than when you are an employee, at least for the first three to five years.

To be a success, you need to have a winning mentality and work your butt off. But if you are committed to your goal, patient and passionate about it, you will be rewarded a hundredfold. Yet, you should know some of the struggles you will go through to achieve success.

Struggles of Hard Work and Success

  • You will lose friends and relatives who believe you won’t make it.
  • You will feel pain and discomfort.
  • You will cry before you reach success.
  • You will almost talk yourself out of it hundreds of times.
  • You will doubt yourself thousands of times.
  • You will think you are going crazy.
  • You will change and develop different habits.
  • You will lose money.
  • You will make mistakes.
  • You will fail again and again before you ever succeed.
  • Some people will hate you for no apparent reason.

You should know that those who succeed are those who put in the hard work, and persevere after everyone else says “I can’t” or “Enough is enough.”

But guess what? It is never too late for you to start your success and story. Do not let anything stop you from writing the rest of it. I know hard work is the key, but if you are hungry for success, you will make it.